Friday, 25 November 2011

lelaki ??

man ?
i think i do not need it right now !
better to just be friends !
is better than have serious relationship ~

this age is better to think about studying !
because it is better and very good !
a bright future starts from being intellingent and full of knowledge wise ~
love ?
love is the first with religious knowledge and love Allah s.w.t ~
because it is the most beautiful of human love is will not necessarily belong to us !

i wish i could love someone who will always guide me to the right path !
no words beautiful words and lovely as well as praise thy name yaAllah s.w.t ~

search for love if you are sure you need it !
do not look for love if you only need it only for a moment !

single better than couple !
couple make me trouble ~
single is nice =)
couple is bad =')

ini semua lahir dari hati dan jari menekan keyboard ! 
untuk meluahkan segala isi hati yang  mengarut entah ape2 pagi2 buta nihs !

I do not need someone to love me!
so do not to express my love of words!
I hope you understand!

by : nor irdamelia moh nor ! <3

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